Swift Foundation Raft

  • A complete foundation and raft system for garden buildings that is ready to use, quick to assemble, and comes complete with all materials and fixings.  It is suitable to support both buildings and decking.

    The timber frame construction of the raft will support a variety of timber-framed buildings especially self-build, self-assembly and DIY kits delivered in flat pack format.

    The Swift Foundation Raft is an alternative to using wet-mix concrete as the foundation for a garden building or portable building. Delivered in kit form designed for self-assembly, it is quicker to create and makes less mess than using wet-mix, whilst providing a strong, durable and level base for your building.

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    • Swift Foundation Raft Benefits

      • A complete foundation and raft – comes complete with concrete plinths, weight dissipating grids, timber bearers and joists, plywood sheathing and all fastenings
      • Designed for self-assembly – pre-cast concrete, cut-to-length timber bearers and pre-hung joist hangers
      • Minimal excavation needed – largely a surface-mounted foundation to speed up installation, reduce the quantity of spoil and disruption to the site
      • Quick to install – simple step by step instructions and labelled parts make Swift Foundation Rafts quick to install and build upon
      • No waiting time – erect the building as soon as the Foundation Raft is finished – no curing time
      • Good drainage and ventilation – surface water drains naturally under the building; air circulates under the building extending the life of the timber
      • Height adjustable – 50mm of adjustment to each plinth bracket compensates for any minor ground unevenness
      • Portable – should you decide to move your building, you can dismantle your Foundation Raft and move it also

      Watch our installation Video for Swift Foundation Raft

    • Swift Foundation Raft

      Swift Foundation Rafts can be used to create the foundation for a variety of different structures and buildings


      Foundation-raftSuitable Uses

      • Log Cabins
      • Timber Framed Buildings
      • Wooden Lodges
      • Summerhouses
      • Pavilions
      • Garden Offices
      • Garden Studios
      • Garden rooms
      • Glamping Pods

      Designed for self-assembly, no specialist skills or experience required.  Only simple tools needed:

      • Spade
      • Power Drill
      • Spirit Level
      • Spanner

      Need to buy simple tools? Visit the Helpful Products in our shop for a selection.

    • Swift Foundation Raft Contents



      • Timber bearers – pressure-treated and cut to size
      • Timber joists – pressure-treated and cut to size
      • Plywood deck – optional – may need trimming to size on site
      • Joist hangers – galvanised and pre-hung on timber bearers
      • Plinths – pre-cast, steel reinforced concrete plinths
      • Grids – 100% recycled ground reinforcement grids
      • Steel brackets – height adjustable brackets
      • Membrane – weed resistance and worm cast resistant membrane
      • Pea gravel – optional – required to fill the cavities of the ground reinforcement grid
      • Coach bolts
      • Wood screws
    • Swift Foundation Raft – Sizes Available

      Foundation Raft Sizes

      Swift Foundation Raft – Description
      Size in Metres Total Weight Capacity Max Load per plinth
      Small 3.66 x 3.66 4.5 tonnes 1 tonne
      Medium 4.88 x 3.66 4.5 tonnes 1 tonne
      Large 6.10 x 3.66 6 tonnes 1 tonne
      Extra Large 6.10 x 4.88 6 tonnes 1 tonne

      Prices Start from – £1869 including delivery