Ecobase Fastfit

  • EcoBase Fastfit is a quick-to-assemble, easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly base for garden buildings. Use EcoBase Fastfit as an alternative to a concrete slab, paving flags or a wooden base.

    As the UK’s original plastic grid foundation system for garden buildings, EcoBase has evolved with the introduction of EcoBase Fastfit. Not only does EcoBase Fastfit provide you with a firm, strong, long-lasting and well-drained foundation for garden buildings, it is now even quicker to install through the use of self-fastening push connectors to link grids together.

    • EcoBase Fastfit

      “EcoBase Fastfit can be used as a firm foundation for a wide variety of garden buildings and structures. Here’s a few of them…

      Eco-Base-Fast-Fit-500-375Suitable Uses

      • Garden sheds
      • Summerhouses
      • Garden playhouses
      • Potting sheds
      • Bike stores
      • Log stores
      • Pavilions
      • Garden furniture stores
      • Wheelie bin stands
    • EcoBase Fastfit Benefits

      • Self-fastening connectors – it’s quick and easy to lay
      • Eco-friendly – made in the UK from 100% UK recycled plastic
      • Robust – provides a firm strong and long lasting base for your building
      • Wide use – suitable for most garden sheds, summer houses, play houses, bike stores and log stores
      • Extendable – create a base under any size of garden building
      • Cost effective – supply and installation costs lower than wet-mix poured concrete
      • Time-saving – less preparation time, no concrete curing time
      • Lightweight – for easy carrying and positioning
      • Simple to use – no specialist tools or equipment needed
      • Drainage – perimeter can be filled with pea-gravel to produce a French drain and prevent splash back onto the building
      • Long lasting – rot proof, chemically inert and re-usable
      • Raised gripping points – ensure building remains in place
      • Coloured black – to blend in
    • EcoBase Fastfit

      Technical Details


      EcoBase Fastfit Technical Details

      • Grid footprint – 500mm x 500mm
      • Grid height – 40mm
      • Grid colour – black
      • Grid material – 100% UK sourced recycled plastics, non toxic
      • Grid load capability > 300 tonnes per m2
      • Grid weight – 1.4kg
      • Grid cell size – 70mm square nominal
      • Grid connector – integral self-fastening T- shaped connector and slot
    • Included with Fastfit

      More information

      Ecobase Fastfit

      Included with Fastfit

      EcoBase Fastfit comes with a permeable weed resistant membrane, cut to the size of the building’s foundation to suppress the growth of weeds.  There are also easy-to-follow assembly instructions. To watch our short installation video, please click here.

      Price – from £6.00 each