Swift Foundation Raft

Swift Foundation Raft

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A complete foundation and raft system for garden buildings that is ready to use, quick to assemble, and comes complete with all materials and fixings.

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A complete foundation and raft system for garden buildings that is ready to use, quick to assemble, and comes complete with all materials and fixings.

The Swift Foundation Raft is an alternative to using wet-mix concrete as the foundation for a garden building or portable building. Delivered in kit form designed for self-assembly, it is quicker to create and makes less mess than using wet-mix, whilst providing a strong, durable and level base for your building.

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Materials and Fixings Included

  • A complete foundation and raft – comes complete with concrete plinths, weight dissipating grids, timber bearers and joists, plywood sheathing and all fastenings
  • Designed for self-assembly – pre-cast concrete, cut-to-length timber bearers and pre-hung joist hangers
  • Minimal excavation needed – largely a surface-mounted foundation to speed up installation, reduce the quantity of spoil and disruption to the site
  • Quick to install – simple step by step instructions and labelled parts make Swift Foundation Rafts quick to install and build upon
  • No waiting time – erect the building as soon as the Foundation Raft is finished – no curing time
  • Good drainage and ventilation – surface water drains naturally under the building; air circulates under the building extending the life of the timber
  • Height adjustable – 50mm of adjustment to each plinth bracket compensates for any minor ground unevenness
  • Portable – should you decide to move your building, you can dismantle your Foundation Raft and move it also

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6 reviews for Swift Foundation Raft

  1. Jessica

    Swift foundations was a great find. I had been searching for some time for a foundations solution that wasn’t a massive slab of concrete and after quite a few comparisons I found Swift Foundations to be the best option. Martin Lowe and his team were extremely helpful and ready to solve any issues that came along on my log cabin project. They were quick to respond to emails and their follow up assistance and service was great. Delivery date for my foundations raft kit is imminent and it is expected that I should be able to put the kit together with ease. I would strongly recommend Swift Foundations as a great foundations solution.

  2. Richard

    Excellent service. This was for my first significant garden construction project (a 3.6m x 4.8m shed). Martin and his team were very patient and helpful, explaining my options and how to use the product, and designing what I needed. Installation was a breeze and levelling trivial, letting me focus on other things (like not sawing my thumb off with my new circular saw). I have no hesitation in recommending the product.

  3. Steve T

    Swift foundations were amazing. Everything was delivered to us and the instructions were so easy to follow. The base was constructed in less that 2hrs. This base was for our log cabin which is 20’ x 11’ so needed a solid base on which to put it.

  4. Keith dobbie

    I used as it foundations as a base for a log cabin being built in a wood between Whitby and scarborough.
    Swift proximity was usefull being only 20 miles away .The benifit of keeping the
    Cabin off the ground reduced damp problems and gave an instant base .
    The ability to later adjust any level deviations is a good plus point over a concrete raft .
    Service and delivery also excellent .

  5. Gareth

    I bought 3 Foundation Rafts to go under 3 timber buildings as they were cheaper than laying concrete. Also I did not want the excavation work or the mess of laying concrete slabs. The Rafts came in kit form on pallets and were easy to assemble from the drawings provided – I saved a lot of time as I did not have to wait for the concrete to cure as I would have done had I laid slabs. Also all the timbers were cut to size and all the joist hangers were already nailed on, so that saved even more time. Should I wish to remove the buildings in the future I can easily remove the foundations and restore the site to its original condition without creating rubble for landfill. Foundation Rafts represent great value for money and I would recommend them.

  6. James Park

    We need to instal a raft to protect the roots of our trees. But anyway, it was a much nicer solution than putting down lots of concrete. We really appreciated all the help Martin gave us in ensuring the raft create a secure foundation for our cabin: customer service was exemplary Almost two years on, it is working brilliantly for us … and the trees.

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