Swift Plinth Plus

Swift Plinth Plus

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The Swift Plinth Plus is an ideal foundation for Log Cabins, Garden Offices & Studios, Sports Pavilions, Static Caravans and SIPS Buildings, Timber Frame Buildings and Port-a-Cabins.

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The Swift Plinth Plus product is suitable for heavy-duty applications up to 2.5 tonnes per plinth and spans greater than 2 metres between plinths. This makes it ideal for Log Cabins, Garden Offices & Studios, Sports Pavilions, Static Caravans and SIPS Buildings, Timber Frame Buildings and Port-a-Cabins.

With each Swift Plinth Plus order you will receive:

  • Bracket – heavy gauge steel adjustable up to 50mm
  • Top Stone – pre-cast and reinforced concrete plinth (320mm x 320mm x 120mm) for housing the bracket.
  • Base Stone – a pre-cast and reinforced concrete pad (500mm x 500mm x 50mm) to interlock into the Top Stone allowing load spreading and prevention of sideways slippage.
  • Swift Grid – plastic smooth surface load bearing grid (500mm x 500mm x 70mm)
  • Permeable membrane – textile membrane (500mm x 500mm) for weed suppression under Swift Grid

If you have any questions or concerns on the Swift Plinth Plus and whether it’s right for your project, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Please tell us a little more about your build so we can despatch the correct plinth brackets:

  • What shape(s) of bracket do you need?
    • Corners
    • T-Shaped
    • Mid-Beam
    • Cross-Shaped
  • What thickness of timbers will the brackets connect to?
    • Single thickness – 2” or 47mm
    • Double thickness – 4” or 94mm
    • Triple thickness – 6” or 141mm

If you are not sure, or need some advice, please do give us a call on 01944 758455 or email us at sales@swiftfoundations.co.uk

5 reviews for Swift Plinth Plus

  1. Tim Alanthwaite

    I needed to build a substantial outbuilding near protected trees, and found the ‘Swift’ system on the net. This seemed a good alternative to piling. On contacting them, it quickly became obvious they were ultra-attentive and helpful. On ordering the products, they arrived quickly and with no issues. The system is very cost effective, easy to use and does exactly what it says. Really excellent, and I have no hesitation in recommending this to a prospective purchaser. And I don’t usually feel comfortable recommending anything to anyone.

  2. Sue A

    Neat and attractive solution. I’ve used these a couple of times now, and recommended to others.
    Saves time and just what I needed on an uneven surface. Ecological because not wasting concrete on making a solid pad. Slight glitch with delivery that was ironed out promptly.

  3. S Bramley

    Martin was excellent with his help & advice. I needed to support an 18T cabin & these plinths were perfect for the job & were so easy to install saving time. They were delivered on a small pallet & on time so no chasing them which was good. I would definitely order these again & would highly recommend them.

  4. Isobel

    We were recommended to use Swift plinths since they suited our sip build. We were worried that you would be able to see them and the house would look as if it were on stilts, but with paving slabs, rodent mesh and cladding, they were covered and now look nice. Our interaction with Martin from Swift Foundations was very good, quick and accommodating, and we had a good experience with Swift Foundations’ delivery service and can definitely recommend them if this is the sort of foundation you need.

  5. james harper

    I would and have been recommending Swift Foundations as not only is it a great product and easy to use and if like my project access is poor and all materials have to go through the house then this is the product to use. It negates the use of concrete, stone and damproofing issues and for these reasons I would also use this system on projects in situations where access is good. I chose this company over other similar companies as i found the sales staff friendly and their knowledge of the product was excellent.

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